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How Does it Work?

Our Real Estate Investment works by grouping investors together for a single purpose; developing and managing property. Investment property can be done in many different ways. However, the goal is usually the same: increasing the property's value over time, so everyone wins.

Take an undeveloped piece of land as an example. You buy a piece of farmland for $1,000,000. You invest by adding infrastructures such as power, water, and gas lines. You then build apartments on the land and rent to local workers. You have substantially increased the value of that land, and you create sustainable income from the rents received. The total expense may be $10,000,000 for the project. 

We break this into 4000 shares (called "units"). Each share is worth $2500 at the start. When the project is complete, and the units begin renting, the property's value goes up. Each investor's share does so as well. The investors earn a large portion of the rental income.

The average property will produce a long-term 6-8% or higher annual return on investment (ROI). This is done by investing and maintaining real estate that performs.

Some people think becoming a millionaire is impossible. It is not. Invest $200 a week in yourself for 30-years, and you should have well over a million dollars ready for retirement. And that million can produce enough to live on forever!

Can't invest $200 a week yet? Get started with $50 a week and grow that number over time. Whatever you do, please don't put it in a savings account. They pay less than 1% annually!

The future rich invest in property, while the poor will have "saved" their money in a bank.

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No Entry Fee

Most Real Estate Investments require considerable up-front money. Most also require large ongoing monthly payments. These amounts can be challenging for the average person to handle. We keep it simple. You invest small, and over time it grows, and your earnings compound.

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We Earn When You Do

We do not take up-front commissions. Most others take 15% or more of your investment for themselves. We put your money to use buying investment land and building units that return a profit. We earn 10% of that profit. The rest we allocate back to investors.

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