Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Investment Term?

This is a long-term investment. You should plan on being involved for a minimum of 5-years. Most Real Estate Investments are 5-10+ years. Although you can sell your shares at any time, it is not suggested until it has matured enough to be very profitable.

How is the Investment Money Used?

Prior to launching we acquired land. We will use the funds to build apartment buildings on that land. The apartments will be offered for sale and rent. The money from the units sold will be used to complete the construction phase. The rental income will be shared among the shareholders. We will then purchase additional property and build additional units for residential and commercial rental income.

Do You Own a Piece of the Company?

If you invest you own a piece of the Real Estate held by the REIT. The company controls the purchasing and development of the property, as well as the maintenance of the real estate. The company is also responsible for growing the value of the properties held in the REIT.

How Do You Earn Money?

You earn money from rents collected on any commercial or residential property, as well as when you sell your shares. As the value of the property increases, so does the value of the shares you own. You can sell them the same way you sell any other piece of property that you own.

How Does it Work?

With REIT.Investments, you have the power to invest in real estate quickly and securely online with other investors just like you! By combining the investments of a large group anyone and everyone can invest in real estate and grow their wealth.

How Will My Investment Earn a Return?

There are two forms of returns typically generated by real estate investments: Appreciation - A property’s increase of value over time. Property can be purchased with the intent to sell it at a later time for profit. At the time of the sale, the appreciation earned would be distributed to investors. This type of investment would be considered a long term investment. Dividends - The revenue earned continuously from owned property such as rent paid by tenants. The revenue earned is then distributed to investors on a quarterly basis. Due to the continuous dividend payouts, this is used primarily as a source of income.